Season Starts 2016/2017

Posted Aug. 5, 2017 at 03:53

While we had lots of boat-work during preparations for the season, we also found time for:


... wine tasting

Gianni's cooking...

Are they sisters or what?

... Grado ...

... mmmm ...


... south of Grado

Last year, as we left our boat's winter dormitory, Ester and Maria, Gianni's mother, came with us for a sail to Umago, Croatia.  Unfortunately Pasquale had an important medical appointment and was unable to come... :-(    Maria got to drive the boat and enjoyed the sun, so much so that by the end it was a bit too much...   Not so much as not to make esthetic improvements to the skipper's appearance, which had some details that had been bothering her all the way...   Then they took the bus back to Monfalcone via Trieste...  Alas, that ended up bungled up by the Croatian bus service, where the driver, upon arriving to the bus station at Umag, simply declared: "the bus is full, can't take anyone" and continued...  The people that had bought tickets had to wait for the local station people to find a van to fit everyone and start the journey hours late...   Ester got sick, Maria was already on the edge...  They had a terrible experience getting home :-(

This year, we caught a spectacular airshow at Grado featuring Italy's finest airmen...  There were around ten planes participating in two formations and once in a while a 'rouge crazy soloist' (their best I presume) appearing out of nowhere breaking the sound barrier (sounded like) and doing barrel rolls 50m above the sea and flying (what appeared) dead against the others...  Then pretending the plane is 'sick', up and down, in slow mo along the promenade...  didn't think planes can do what he did.  Very impressive.

When it was time for us to leave at the beginning of June, Ester pried Gianni away from the saw for three days and they came along with us.  We decided not to hurry straight to Umago, but to do a "mini-cruise" in the Golf of Trieste. We left dock in the evening and anchored for the night up the channel from Grado in the swamp...  Next day we had a sail with our new main up for the first time with a nice aft quarter wind and a "wow" feeling to Muggia across the Golf.   Muggia is a small tourist town, was quite clogged with them too, so it had no need for us showing up.   The few restaurants there were full, we had to wait for quite some time at one where D was suspecting that the food might be ok and worth it...  And in the end it was... ok.

Since the coast guard closed its doors and retreated to Trieste, Muggia is not a port of entry (or hence exit) anymore. So we motored the short distance to Trieste up to the main Coast Guard building and asked them where and how can we do the formalities...  Typical Italian style they were clueless...  The only thing they knew is that we can't stay there, it's reserved for their vessels when they're in port (none showed up at any time).  Finally after almost an hour they told us that we have to go to the marina more than a mile away, tie up there and then come back on foot, to the same entrance that was 20 meters from Dazzle to do the paperwork  (no we couldn't just get off the boat quickly since we're already at the door, and get it done...)   So two hours later, in the heat of the day, Gianni and I trekked over Trieste back to the Coast Guard, where they then told us that we have to first go back to the main ferry terminal (which is next to the marina where they told us to tie up) and see the border police with our passports and then come back again!   It really isn't my Italian, it's good'nuf, plus, Gianni was with me all the time and heard everything, they were just clueless...  Eventually, always, there is someone inside, higher up, who knows what the procedure is, but first you have to get past all the underlings that have directions about something they don't know about.  It was this umpteenth person, after conversing with his superiors on the phone for a while too, who finally got us directed to the border police (where the police were busy checking a ferry-load of people off a cruise ship that was in port).   Three in the afternoon (instead of 10am) we were done (hurray!!) and sailed for Croatia from Trieste...  At least the marina people were nice and accommodating, didn't give us any hassle, let us stay as long as required...

Gianni at the helm - we are sailing!

Waiting for a free table at the restaurant... these don't count

Finally!... Going to Croatia...!

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