Cruising with Isabell 2016 - Part 2

Posted Aug. 28, 2017 at 00:53

Since we were already in Cavtat after returning from our trip to Montenegro, we decided to pay a visit to Molunat, the promontory close to the entrance to the fjord of Kotor, but belonging to Croatia.  We've passed it many times when we left Croatia and sailed for Montenegro or vice versa, but were never able to stop, since were at those times not officially checked into Croatia.

Well now we were in Cavtat and not checking out, so taking advantage of a nice weather forecast for the foreseeable future, Isabell and Dazzle sailed towards Molunat.  As we were passing the promontory to get on its south side, we spot a police boat rushing out of its hiding space, going by Isabell and then turning away and coming toward us.   We slow down, they greet us, and I address them in Croatian which makes them relax and start telling us that we shouldn't go farther south as they see that we haven't checked out from Croatia and they would be forced to give us a big fine.  When they hear that we came down all the way from Cavtat just to visit Molunat, as we never had the opportunity before, they become really friendly and wish us a good time in Molunat...   Apparently the control tower at the top of the promontory saw us on the AIS, checked our boat's name which came up a still checked into Croatia, so they radioed the police boat to come and warn us about not going further....  Nice.

We had a very pieceful five days at the south bay of Molunat, calm waters since there was no weather disturbance to the south on the Adriatic.

Lots of anchoring space!  And the best part is - police enforced!   It was a multiple, daily occurence that a boat would approach from the south, come into the anchorage and anchor somewhere around us.  Shortly afterwards a police dinghy would show up and escort them away for paperwork and a fine.  Apparently there are still people who don't know yet that one cannot enter Croatia and anchor without first going to an official port of entry and checking in.

Unfortunately, our bliss was ended by a changed forecast calling for rain and thunderstorms, so we said goodbye to Molunat and rushed back up to Slano to weather the disturbance there:

Why doesn't this thing want to play with me while these guys are
having a beer??  Just stands there and doesn't give an inch...

Idle time...

She felt quite at home, spent more than a few nights with us

Looking down the companionway (entrance):
What's happening down there?

The weather turned nice again and we continued our cruise back up north taking long walks wherever the opportunity arose.  One was walking all the way to Ston from the beginning of its access channel at Broce:



C'mon, why are you guys so slow, Ston is ahead!

Salt ponds of Ston

D's beautiful photos...

When I was small, this place was still producing the best marine salt.  So, who benefits from globalization??

Next came a night at Trstenik on Peljesac, followed by Badija island off Korcula, then a long hop to Vinisce near Trogir on the mainland...  At Badija we saw two charter boats take a short-cut between an islet and an isolated danger marker and hit rock-bottom.  The first one got off after a while, the second one got stuck a bit more, so they stayed 'anchored' there for a couple of hours until a strong enough relief-speedboat pulled the off by the halyard...


... is nice to walk around.

The usual morning outing with Rozi

The walk above Vinisce (to the S)

More prime real-estate waiting to be scooped on top of the hill

Vinisce bay - the two boats on the left are D and I

By this time D has noticed she got short of breath as we were walking up the hill...  Eventually it turned out a few days later that her asthma got reactivated by the constant interaction and presence of Rozi... What a shame, we are so in love with her...

Drying her with a fan when she was wet & cold

An evening on Dazzle

What a cute baby

Another night on Dazzle

Going further north we stopped at Veli Iz on Iz island...  This is where time stands still and old cars are driven with no license plates. I'll leave it to the reader to figure out the makes, it's not hard...

Some of the old villas in Veli Iz are still very authentic.

On Molat we explored the village of... Molat which we haven't yet visited before. It's a small ferry port and quite a number of visitors come through it.  During the Second World War it was a concentration camp and its ruins are still there on the north side after a short walk

What really humored G and I, and of course gained our appreciation is the shaded, relaxed community area in front of the small store at the top of the hill, complete with a smokers and beer drinkers section:

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