Cruising with Isabell 2016

Posted Aug. 27, 2017 at 00:09

After Z left us, we caught up with Isabell at Vrboska, Hvar, and her now also reduced crew of G and Rozi.  Since we were aimless, and G hadn't been to the southern parts, we decided to cruise together... southward.

We started a bit of exploration with Rozi of abandoned prime Venetian real-estate on the north shore of Hvar, but after swimming out and running around in the bush, she was more interested in resting on Dazzle:

Synchronized resting afterwards... (wasn't staged)

We fast forwarded south from here...  Alas, unaccustomed to our pace and distances between provisioning, G ran out of refreshments during a passage between Peljesac and Mljet, so understanding his predicament, I offered in-cruise relief from Dazzle's stores using our last remaining functioning Canadian 12ft extendible boat-hook/pole:


We aimed for the Ston/Slano area and our favourite unmarked, out-of-the-way anchorage... Once we tied up, we spent five or six days exploring the neighbourhood and just taking it easy...

Occasional music practice

Trying to covert Rozi into a retriever

She seemed to enjoy the new role

Ever ready for more (she's a young chick here, 7-8 months or so)

Found a Flintstones Ring, plus a lot of keychain stones

Visited by dinghy the almost derelict village of Doli where a ruined
shell of the once herbal oils factory still stands

We were told there's no beer in the little pub-like house on the riva.
On it's side were the tell-tale signs.  Locals only.

A visit to Dubrovnik was next on the list.  To avoid the rolly anchorage outside the city walls, we anchored by Cavtat and took the boat-taxi to town.

While G and Rozi were exploring the city, we, for the first time, took the cable-car up above for a scenic view and a few drinks on the terrace:

Where a bunch of ponies were trying to extricate the few
remaining strands of green grass at the base of the old fort.

Since we were so close and we didn't feel like going by boat, we hatched a plan to rent a car in Cavtat and have a whirlwind tour of Montenegro: the fiord of Kotor and up to Lovcen and the unavoidable lamb-roast.

Molunat, still in Croatia

Border crossing around the curve, fiord entrance ahead.


Going up, half-way there...

The day was so short, that we forgot to take more photos...  But the lamb was good, they wouldn't let Rozi get near the mausoleum to Njegos, even though we said we'd stay on the outside...  Oh well, their loss, they lost the sale of three tickets and a tip...  We were close enough, at the top, that the spectacular scenery was all around.

On the way back we couldn't go empty.  Fortunately, returning in the dark, at 10pm through the new, small border-crossing, the guards were into some discussion, not interested in us, so our sizeable beer import that filled the trunk of the car remained duty-free...  Getting it all into the dinghy including us was a challenge, successfully surmounted.

- Z -