Z-visit 2016

Posted Aug. 22, 2017 at 00:38

Last year our son joined us at Trogir for a tour of the south part of the ex-Yu Adriatic coast (Croatia and Montenegro).  We started at Vinisce,

Idling at the entrance to Vinisce

where as was trying to buy bread at a small bakery-stand, a local brought in freshly caught fish to be put in a cooler... so I inquired is any part of it for sale by any chance?  Sure, we made a good deal for both parties and D finished the rest ;-)

Z and the spinnaker got us to Dubrovnik in no time.... So we anchored outside the walls and popped in for the usual wall-walk...

How's that chute?

Looking good.

Funny... I must have said something funny. Hmm.

What a beautiful house/garden/terrace down there...

Where is Dazzle?

Dazzle is...  there...

We walked the town too, but forgot to take photos.  By the time we got back to the boat in the dark, a large swell came in from the NW, so we beat it and by midnight we anchored off familiar Cavtat in preparation for a morning departure for Montenegro.

Our whirlwind tour of Montenegro took us up to Lovcen, the next day south to Sveti Stefan and Budva...

Half way up there...

... to above the clouds

... at the monument to Njegos.

We stocked up Niksicko pivo (beer), Njegusi ham, cheap diesel and checked back into Croatia.

The island of Mljet was next on the tour list as Z wished to go back to the beautiful wooded island lake areas by bike. We anchored off Pomena on the west end of the island and proceeded to bike rentals.  Even though it was a busy day with tourists, we managed to secure three nice bikes.  To further speed things up we pushed the bikes over the short-cut foot-trails leading to the lakes, which proved challenging at times due to steps, etc.  Upon having reached the wider trails along the lakes Z explained to his mom how to operate the gears and promptly took off with us trying to catch up.  At an incline, D got winded and got off the bike a bit frustrated saying she can't continue, let's go back to the flat, paved trails.

A nice swim spot in the 'lake'

Near the end of the bike-tour, Z mentioned: "oh mom, sorry, I think I made a mistake, I reversed the high/low gear direction when I first explained it to you".  (Hence D of course couldn't go uphill in the beginning).   Fortunately, unbeknownst to Z, D already figured it out earlier on a down-hill section but haven't said anything.  "Nice going Z, letting your mom suffer all this time ;-) "

After passing Korcula/Peljesac and the north side of Hvar on the way back we stopped at the nice Vrboska beach restaurant and met up with Isabell again. While G and I enjoyed a couple of cold beers, Z and mom went for a forest walk... and 'discovered' fossils embedded in the rock formations.

The day before D-day, we stopped by one of Z's favourite Brac anchorages for a last swim...

... alas, back at Trogir marina for some laundry and goodbyes... :-(

- Z -