Family Time

Posted Aug. 19, 2015 at 22:19

Our son Z and K arrived for a couple of weeks of cruising the southern Dalmatian islands... It was a nice and relaxed tour of our favourite destinations in the area.  Unfortunately K could only stay for eight days, so we covered the two prime islands, Hvar and Korcula, in the first round.  On Hvar, we rented the usual relic VW bug for the tour from Vrboska.  We then sailed on and stopped for lunch & swim on the northern shore of Hvar near its east end, by the car camp where Z still remembered the small bay and pier from early childhood where I jumped into the water holding him in my embrace... ;-) (T was present too, but too small...)  On Korcula, our secret, protected anchoring spot awaited, sheltering us from a bit of wind, allowing for the usual dinghy tour to Lumbarda for reprovisioning and then to the town and refueling.  We sailed back to Trogir via Brac island and visited Split by bus before the morning of K's departure :-(

Now we went back for a second, farther round that included the islands of Mljet and Lastovo.  We had nice weather up until the last two days of Z's stay - so instead of going back early to the murky anchorage at Trogir, we sailed further up to Rogoznica and stayed there until Z's departure, where he could 'work and swim' as desired or felt like.  To reach the airport from Rogoznica at 5am in the (stormy) morning, we rented a car the day before and parked it on shore near the anchored boat... On that last afternoon, we visited the town of Sibenik as the weather turned sunny between two fronts.


Sail trimming - Z's favourite boat activity

Deer at the anchorage - west end Hvar island

Team building - one paddle each

Sailing upwind - Dazzle likes... - no one follows, some tried ;-)



Z's favourite cove with a pebble beach - south side Brac island - last lunch'n'swim stop with K

Walking back to Polace across the hill from the small island monastery on Mljet, we discovered an ancient water(?) collector amongst other, more recent ones.

On top of the (Lastovo) world - we took the goat-path up from the heli-pad (conscripts/convicts had to haul much more up here - a number of never used bunkers, machine-gun nests, etc., are cemented here for posterity, as a record of ignorant regimes)

... Working Hard ...

- Z -