Not Waiting Anymore, Fall's Here, Haul-Out

Posted Sept. 27, 2014 at 23:42

After effectively having spent a month and a half in Rogoznica bay, leaving it only for a couple of hours every 10 days or so for pump-out offshore, four weeks after my foot-kick at the wrong end of the keel, after another pass by the harbormaster's cruiser: "you've been here for some time!..." and my explanation about the injury and him replying "it'll be a.o.k" (like he'd already heard of it through the grapevine (Dora's multiple visits to the local pharmacy shop)), and in between two halves of an extended front system passing, we finally decided to leave Rogoznica Bay!

Mushroom Cloud over Rogoznica Bay - Stormy Weather

We should have waited for the whole thing to clear out, but Dora was getting impatient with the place, understandably after such a long time...  Instead we did a long lunch stop at our favourite hole on Kaprije island, re-provisioned in the evening at Murter, topped up the fuel tank and pushed on next morning (Vela Luka, a safe cove near Murter was also too often seen)...  Two squalls later, off Pasman Island, we were dug-in in a tight little bay (swinging circle plus 4m to shore) but with deep, coarse sand for good holding and the tall hills of the island for lightning protection...  Boy, did we need it...  Hail, rain, wind, lightning, you name it, we got it.  We could have filled one of our tanks (40Gal) with rainwater collected in our dingy that night.

We should have had one calm night after that, but due to an erroneous wind forecast, and our desire to look for anchorages we haven't been to before, we had a swell swerve/reflect into our bay at night...   So we had to wait a day to sleep well in the calm, protected, large bay of Soline at the north end of Dugi Otok (Long Island) with the SE-ly of the next front already blowing. As the front passed late afternoon the next day, the winds turned to NW-lies instead of the forecast bora (NE-lies), so we were forced to seek shelter in the little cove (Lucica - 'Small Harbour')  to the SW that had been filled with buoys and a brand new restaurant on shore since we were last there three years ago.  It was night already when we re-anchored, but we knew the place, where the buoys were (we scouted it the day before), and got lucky with positioning the anchor well in the darkness too, so we avoided the incessant up-and-down in two foot waves all night that unfortunate Isabell, and a German boat who also didn't move, had to go through.  Terrible.  We should have gone 6nm up into the protected bay of Molat Island, but the 'consensus' based on the forecast was to stay.  Oh well.

Finally a sizeable nice weather spell arrived after all this!  One, maybe two weeks of high pressure!  But our 90 days in Croatia is running out in a couple of days so we might as well use the nice weather to end the season nicely.  After a long and boisterous sail upwind from Dugi Island we had a nice visit with the Istrian goat population on Unije Island. Sailing over to Istria today was a beautiful, pleasant affair with 10kn on the beam, gliding effortlessly and smoothly over a barely ruffled sea...
Unije Island Anchorage - Goats and Wasps

4 weeks...

In a couple of days we'll arrive to our Italian marina where we'll spend a week on the water getting 'used' to limping on land again, getting our car and taking time to pack and winterize the boat before haul-out...  This' the end of another season, signing off,

- Z -