Korcula, Mljet

Posted June 28, 2014 at 21:46

Next morning we visited the beautiful promontory walled town of Korcula guarding its straight...

Which direction shall we take?

The views from the tower should not be missed...

By T's suggestion, we walked for the first time along the shore west-ward...

... and discovered a proud kitty holding onto its fish 'forever'.

We didn't have much luck that day with our restaurant selection - it was the one with a nice veranda above the street where the town Olympic 'swimming pool' is in the sea.  But the service and food were poor, no photos either.

The weather was turning worse again and yet we had a very ambitious plan for places still to visit crammed in the remaining 9 days before D-day... :-(  The next day we attempted to leave around the east end of Korcula for Lastovo's safe harbours, but the SE-ly was already blowing 30kn ahead of the arriving front and even the downwind 15nm ride to Lastovo would have been quite unpleasant.  So we turned back to Lumbarda, a harbour near the east end of Korcula, and by the time we were there, the front arrived a little early as well.   Since the marina was full and there was no 'official' soul there or around, we anchored just in time in a good, safe spot (behind the large no-anchor sign) in the middle of the harbour to wait for the passing of the rain...  Once it stopped we went back to our usual anchorage to weather the rest of the system.

So we had to make the decision to drop Lastovo from the list of destinations...  Early next morning (5am) to avoid the later head-on winds we motored over 20nm in the other direction to the national park of Mljet island... 

Arriving to Mljet, 9am...

Work below on Deck Level 1

Fishing for customers with an early fire...
it worked!

The day was overcast, so we went out for a nice fish lunch with appetizers and made 'reservations' for two mopeds for next day.

Hey, there's Bagheera of Mljet!

It finally cleared, so we started our tour of Mljet.  We first used our park tickets to visit the small island monastery in Mljet's beautiful lagoon.

Lagoon island wildlife

Our traditional photo spot

On the return trip from the monastery the crew failed to mention to us that they's not returning to the same spot where they took us from, but a mile (or two) to the east, within the same lagoon.  Once we realized and asked, they were a bit cheeky about it and said we can either go back with them to the island and wait for the next boat to where we wanted to go, or we can walk... 'it's only 15 minutes or so...'
Anyhow, it was a nice walk and 45minutes later or so we were back were we left our mopeds and for the rest of the tour to the other end of Mljet and back we relied solely on them ;-)

Is it raining on the continent over there?

The millstone still set up at a small hilltop village of Prožura

The view from behind the Chapel at Prožura

We were getting near Dubrovnik, our next major planned destination.  However, with 7 days left and another front brewing, there was more figuring to do.  We were not going to drop any more destinations from the itinerary.  The solution was to switch to another mode of transportation from a convenient port of call and reduce the number of boat-travel days.

- Z -