From Trogir to Hvar with our T&S

Posted June 23, 2014 at 18:47

Well, the weather was pretty lousy a couple of days before the arrival of T&S... As one front was passing during the night, there was a half an hour of virtually constant light, so frequent were the lightning arcs in the sky above and more than a few reached down as well...  At the same time the flight from Chicago was delayed due to bad weather there, so the kids missed their connecting flight in Germany and consequently arrived a day later... :-(    In the mean time though, the thunderstorms cleared and so were we to start our cruise of select Adriatic destinations.

After settling down a bit, we explored the old core of Trogir...

The expectant guest cabin on cruise ship Dazzle

S raises the guest flag... 

Not much room at the town dock, not even for a dinghy

The quest for kitty-love...

The medieval playground

Any beer?

Nobody wants a three-footed Venetian lion anymore...
whereas the ancient column got utilized to hold at least something.

From Trogir we headed for Vrboska on the island of Hvar, and an afternoon swim stop...

a bit of work along the way

the Deck Lounge on Level 2

... and finally a swim with the 'dushek' !

After a dinghy visit to Vrboska, on the way back we found the beach restaurant still producing surprisingly tasty food.
Now who's gonna drive?

A tour of Hvar is best done by:

and so the next day we proceeded first to Stari Grad, then by the old, narrow road across the mountain ridge inhaling wonderful scents...

and finally...       

      ... flowering lavender fields everywhere for D (and the rest of us) !

... can't leave ... :-( ,  just yet ...


... to the town of Hvar.

Hells Islands from the Fort of Hvar

Hmmm, which one first?

The Fort dungeon exhibit

with a brief visit to the south side of the island on the way back via the old, straight, single-lane, one-mile-long tunnel a little rough around the edges ;-)

Hang-on, hang-on ... this is Fun!!!

Is this a cave or a dripping, dirt-road tunnel?  The white spot is 1.6km away says the sign...

Since our next destination was Korcula, we decided next day to go around the north side of Hvar island and stop along the way in the scenic bay of Pokrivenik and explore its cave.

The cave is barely accessible through the bush...

... and the rusty gate's been locked a long time

But the inside is well worth the short climb

Nicer and much deeper than expected.

Dazzle down below...

... giant-spider-webbed

From here we went around the east end of Hvar and down to the anchorage at Loviste on Peljesac peninsula.  Along the way we passed Camp Mlaska where we've last car-camped with the boys in the early eighties.  We didn't make any fresh photos.

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