Waiting for Caterina

Posted Aug. 1, 2014 at 22:40

No sooner did our T&S depart than did the next front announce itself...  So before we could make further plans we had to go to the nearest safe anchorage - Rogoznica Bay.  Even though it is a bit on the large side, it does offer all-round shelter from the sea, its waters are surprisingly clear, there are a number of shops and a farmer's and fish market on it shores, and its hills add some lightning and wind protection as well.  It's a bit of a dead-end, nondescript destination, with the busy Adriatic coastal road passing near its north shore, no architecture to speak of, just a random mixture of mostly ugly concrete and red-roof vacation house monsters.  We're always hoping this keeps the rush-rush hordes of charter boats passing by outside, and judging by the mix of private vs. charter boats usually anchored here, that seems to be true.  However, as you will see below, not always true.

Rogoznica Bay, north-end anchorage, looking west on a less-than-perfect day

Isabell under the rainbow after the storm

It's a fight to keep those charter boats 'at bay' behind. They drag their undersized anchors already with 25-30kn winds because they can't tell, or care to tell, sand from grass (they arrive just before dark, or the squall/front) and generally use a short scope (1:2?).  And then, when the gust reaches 45...

On our way from Rogoznica to Vrboska in search of a 'laundry-mat' - bay of Braca Monastery
After the front passed we went south in search of opportunity to do laundry...  Since we met a few nice people in Vrboska on Hvar, we thought we'd ask around there...  Along the way we stopped in the bay of 'Braca' on Brac island and explored some interesting geological formations, probably piled here by the last ice age...
An Australian charter boat skipper was intent on making a fire on the beach in the middle of a seasonal fire ban... Despite the clear view (see photo above) of the disaster that happened three years ago in this area - the entire SW part of the island burned down with three firefighter casualties, which was pointed out to him by a nice local boater who didn't speak good English, he continued collecting scattered dry broken branches and driftwood.  Flames were already shooting up, while he insisted it would only be a 'small fire' that he 'promised his crew'...  Yes, the guys before only had a 'smoke', and look what happened.  Try that in Sidney instead during the fire-ban season...  Finally, a less than polite mention in English of phoning the port police in Milna, 30 min away by fast boat, convinced him to douse the flames. 

Our friendly beach restaurant manager in Vrboska didn't have any laundry ideas, but fortunately the car rental lady knew someone, another lady friend of hers...  She came to the rental place at the agreed time, picked up four batches of laundry and delivered it back same time next day for 200kn...  D was so happy with the result...

Boring as it may be, another front was arriving, and we had one day to return to Rogoznica, so next day we sailed back with the SE-lies.
Fast forward a front and a week, and by that time D's niece Caterina was brought by her parents from Italy to spend a couple of weeks with us... Rogoznica was a convenient, easily found and accessible location.  We spent a number of days there while waiting for favourable weather and winds to sail up north a bit.

Raising the Italian guest flag

Time for a bit of a 'giro'


Caterina is already a great cook...

... here she made a nice grilled fruit desert with Greek yoghurt

Walking around Rogoznica's penninsula

We had Anna stay with us a couple of times before Caterina arrived.  Anna always enjoyed playing with Dora's 'toys' and was eager to help in any way she could.  Now, shortly after Caterina's arrival, Anna's mother finally arrived for her long-awaited summer break from work...
Nutella Fest !!!

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