Wow - Almost Two Weeks of Good Weather

Posted March 12, 2009 at 00:18

Time is flying when the weather is good... We've had easterlies and mixed sun and clouds (more sun than clouds) since that last cold front...

We've spent the front and most of the nice weather until a couple of days ago together with Wind Whisper. After the front we left Compass Cay and went south back to Great Guana Cay. This time, as the northeasterlies were quite brisk (up to 30kn gusts), I decided to anchor not in the usual anchorages which are in shallow bays that are quite open to the blow over the narrow cay, but instead go to where the "high" 35m(!) 'mountains' drop relatively closely to a vertical-walled shore with 3m depths. If it weren't for the tides and the sharp coral rock features, one could dock to the wall here. We spent three or four days anchored there, watching the whitecaps in the usual anchorage a mile away, and our mast-top wind-meter (at 19m - half the 'mountain' height') never registering more than the occasional 18-20kn gust. Sweet.

Most every night we were out by dingy at the nearby beach for cooking dinner, roasting a few marshmellows, bacon, our fish and crab catches. The sunsets were spectacular, a bit different every time - one can really get used to this paradise... (as long as easterlies are blowing, and not too hard).

Wind Whisper decided they wanted to go and explore a few places a few miles south of here (Cave. Musha Cays)... We liked the relative isolation and lack of any settlement in this part of Great Guana Cay, so we opted to stay and pot around (do something but nothing significant) a bit more. As soon as the wind went below 20kn, our sunbrella 'bimini' tent went up and it feels we could stay here in the cool shade for quite a while...

Alas, the days are passing and we're close to mid-March... Soon we'll have to turn our bow to the north and head back to Florida, by the end of March the latest. Before we do that, Dora expressed her wish to go back to Cambridge Cay (south end of the Exhuma Land and Sea Park) and do some more snorkeling among the corals. So that's the short term plan - to enjoy a bit more - time's running out. -- Z --