Anyone for Crossing to the Med with Us?

Posted April 18, 2009 at 19:02

At this point we're preparing for a trans-Atlantic crossing from Florida to the Mediterranean via Bermuda and the Azores starting ideally sometimes late May, weather permitting.  We will engage the help of professional weather router(s) to select the best possible weather windows and paths along favourable currents.  The three legs of the journey should take about a week to Bermuda, two weeks or so to the Azores, and another week to Portugal.  Of course, the wait for weather windows, any repairs and exploring the Azores a bit will likely make this into a two month adventure at minimum.  So anyone planning to join for all legs of the journey should have at least that much time.  For parts, the FL-Bermuda or Bermuda-Azores legs are the ones we'd be focusing on at this time.

We are prepared to do this ourselves, but we would prefer to have additional help if someone we know, or a friend of a friend is interested in joining.  While some sailing experience would be helpful, we don't think it is necessary.  Real interest and determination is much more important.  The basics can be learned within a day or so of test-sailing along the Florida coast which we would do anyhow to have a chance to see how everything works before committing to the passage.

This would be our first passage across an ocean (see 'About' and blog for background).  If you're (still ;-) interested to join, please let us know and we can talk about details.