In the Bras d'Ors

Posted Sept. 6, 2008 at 01:22

The Bras d'Or lakes are a sudden and stunning change of scenery as one enters Cape Breton after leaving the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Our initial impression is that it is a marine version of Ontarios Algonquin Park (no portages necessary, except one set of locks on the south side). Our first anchorage here is beautiful, it is a nice sunny day (like any day after a cold front passes by), a bit windy, perfect for a dip - but - Dora discovered the water is rife with jelly-fish as we were dropping the anchor. Off the stern I can count four of them, beautiful reddish colour, different sizes, floating piecefully at different depts just below the surface. Oh well, we won't swim here today. Nothing is perfect.

I've running the weatherfaxes for the last couple of days and it seems our first taste of tropical weather is on its way - Hanna is supposed to be here on Sunday. We're planning to duck into Dundee (about 11nm fEast from tonights anchorage) tomorrow and stay there until it blows over. -- Z --