Kyle's Gone, We're Still Here and Fine

Posted Sept. 29, 2008 at 16:24

We had a long evening last night...  Dora took Bonamine and rested as the boat was moving quite a bit; I finished reading Bulgakov''s Master and Margarita (fittingly there's a description of a huge thunderstorm in the story) beside our navigation laptop watching the wind speed indicator and GPS position track (in case our mooring let us loose).   I saw 40+ knot (*) gusts for brief periods a number of times, a lot in the 30's and most of the time the sustained wind was in the 20s - here in the relatively protected area.  By 1am the pressure here was at 997mb (down from 1025mb 12hours before, the eye was at 992 according to Nova Scotia inland current conditions on the web), the wind veered from south to southwest more clearly and subsided - so we went to sleep.

Today we'll re-clothe Dazzle (rig her mainsail and jib back on), maybe do some mast shroud adjustments (the tension gauge says I could) and then head up river to the town of Bridgewater for a change, maybe refill the 5gal jerry can again and see what's in the stores, since we're not going out into the Atlantic yet...
-- Z --

* A knot is around 1.9 km/h - so double the knots and subtract 5% (if you care) to get km/h