Footnote to our Day at Pictou (Sep 3)

Posted Sept. 21, 2008 at 07:50

I forgot to mention an interesting chance meeting a couple of weeks ago, when we were in Pictou. As we were walking "downtown", near the replica ship Hector, from the corner of my eye I spot a familiar face walking to his car and opening the door. Next thing I hear Dora: "Hi Nat" (of Genco canvas, dodgers, etc fame)... He was with his wife, really surprised, but recognized and greeted us right away. I had to point out Dazzle to confirm the fact that we're there by boat. The background to the story is that he was supposed to have done our dodger in Port Credit before we left, but never got to it (for almost two months, even though we called in quite a number of times), so in the end, a week before we left Port Credit, we went to Genco's Port Credit store and canceled that order. So Dora was teasing him, as it was raining that day, that "thanks to him" we're here now "suffering the weather" without a dodger! :-) She made Nat a bit embarrassed, jokingly.

(Digression: I don't really mind as personally am still not a dodger fan, I think there are more in the way of seeing forward properly, especially in bad, rainy weather. If you have other traffic to contend with, or anything else on the water, you will have to get outside of the dodger area anyhow to see properly. There is obviously a benefit for personal protection when sailing upwind in cold, clear weather, but aren't we all striving to sail downwind, being much more pleasant? If it rains when sailing downwind, well, the usual dodger doesn't give you much protection without a full enclosure. And somehow, my instinct doesn't see a full enclosure and this boat go together... But, I'm still keeping a small opening in my mind about a dodger, since cold weather is coming and we're still not in the Bahamas) =Z=