Wind Whisper and a First Taste of the Atlantic

Posted Sept. 14, 2008 at 05:13

Wind Whisper hailed us yesterday while they were coming towards St Peter's Canal (entrance to the Bras d'Or Lakes). At the same time, we were beating into 20kn winds on South Bras d'Or Lake towards the same canal. First they couldn't hear our reply, but on second try half an hour later - it worked! By the time they got to the canal, it was closed so they couldn't cross to the north side where we arrived a bit later. Not to stop us from getting together, Denis and Katia walked over along the canal shore and brought some wine and pickled herring. Dora threw together a quick dinner and we were back to our old routine of enjoying appetizers and dinner together, exchanging sailing horror stories, and finishing a few more bottles of wine while we were at it.

Our paths have only crossed briefly this time since they were just entering the Bras d'Or lakes and we were leaving for the Eastern shore of Nova Scotia.

We had our first full day of sailing in the Atlantic. It started off very nicely with sailing close-hauled (as close upwind as possible) into 5-10kn of southwesterlies past I'le Madame and over Chedabucto Bay. By the time we crossed the Bay and got closer to the Eastern shore, the winds picked up and stayed between 12-20kn. So the inevitable hobby-horse ride began, and unfortunately, sudden seasickness got Dora by surprise, so she had to curl up down below near the mast base in the salon. I filled my time racing to catch up with a 47 foot ketch (double masted sailboat), "Medley" from Halifax that was headed for the same harbour as we were and left the canal 20 minutes before us. I'm happy to report that Dazzle's upwind performance in the fairly large chop was a lot better, so 20 miles later, we were ahead... :-)

They tucked into Yankee Cove in Whitehead Harbour, but I liked Marshall Cove better for the strong southwesterlies forecast for late tomorrow... It is nice and quiet now, and the GRIB file indicates that tomorrow we'll have at least half a day of not so strong southerly winds - so change of plan and we'll move early tomorrow to Fishermans Harbour near Port Bickerton (another 20nm west of here) which should have a much better protection for the remnants of Ike due to kick up a serious gale here late tomorrow night and Monday. Time will tell. -- Z --