Waiting for Ike at Neverfail Cove, Fishermans Harbour

Posted Sept. 14, 2008 at 23:37

Dora got better yesterday after anchoring at Marshall Cove and a few hours of sleep before evening. This morning she took a whole tablet of Bonamine, as we were not sure what the wind will do during the day. It was blowing 10kn steadily as we were leaving Whitehead Harbour (Marshall Cove). Fortunately, the seas have calmed quite a bit over the quiet night, and the wind didn't get stronger through the day either. So we had a nice sail, upwind but not unpleasant, so now it is the side effects of Bonamine (drowsiness, sleepiness) that she has to contend with.

This (easternmost) part of Nova Scotia reminds us a lot of the North Channel, Georgian Bay landscape with the number of low-lying rocks and small islands popping out everywhere. By the time we got to Fishermans Harbour (just northeast of Port Bickerton), the terrain got hillier and a bit more scenic. We are the only vessel at the wharf, which is unmaintained, but still in a pretty good condition. Other than a few strewn around houses, some occupied, some derelict, there is nothing here except beautiful scenery. The harbour is well protected, especially from the strong southwesterlies expected tomorrow due to the leftovers of Ike. So we'll stay here for two nights, do some boat chores and relax. --Z--