Headed for Massachusetts

Posted Oct. 6, 2008 at 02:31

Well, the time of the test has come...  We've decided to make a longer passage, around 300nm, from Shelburne to Massachusetts... The port of entry is tbd, but most likely Plymouth or Salem...  This should be a two-nighter, leaving now and arriving sometimes mid-day Tuesday.  The weather window includes a bit of calm tonight and 20+kn winds tomorrow night, but it should be northwesterlies, so on the aft stbd quarter.

Now back to Sep 30:... W e spent a nice night at the fishing plant (Willow Cove) of Port Mouton among herring-fishing boats that were out all night and brought in a catch in the morning.  We got lucky and received a bucket full of fresh herring....  So that morning we were a bit delayed leaving port for Shelburne due to having to filet the herring....  It was a light wind day, so we motorsailed to Shelburne to get there in time before nightfall on Oct 1.

At Shelburne we sat through two good blows at the public dock rafted with WInd Whisper...  The first blow (gale) was equal in strength and duration (in our experience) to Kyle.  The difference was that we were tied to the dock with double lines, and we had to deal with a 5-foot tide.  The strongest gusts were up to 46kn...  Right after, another, lesser gale blew, so we were stuck to that dock (fortunately :-) for three days... Yesterday we got over to the Shelburne Yacht Club docks, so we did laundry, showers, a Saturday night dinner at Lothar's (a fine german restaurant in Shelburne), today it was a bit of grocery shopping and fretting over whether to go or not to go tonight...