Moored in the Hudson River

Posted Oct. 21, 2008 at 06:57

Today was an exciting and magnificent day of boating literally around Manhattan...  Working our way down the East River from Long Island Sound, dodging numerous barges, some small, some large, sometimes two of them side-by-side coming up the narrows at Hell Gate...

We had to take to starboard on the double as we rounded the point under the bridge above.  We heard them on VHF13, so it wasn't a surprise they're coming, but their position was as you can't see behind the almost 90degree turn...

We then sailed down the east side of Manhattan in the washing machine... The banks are vertical walls, all waves reflect almost perfectly, so when a tug passes you in the East River between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island you get it's wake at least four times.
The dilapidated-looking building of the United Nations, the cause of so many 'security closures' when 'dignitaries' come and go... (fortunately none today):

Streets cut right across Manhattan

The Empire State Building

A bit later, the Statue of Liberty appears on the horizon below the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges:

and we're almost at The Battery (southernmost point of Manhattan) where all the ferries and helicopters are having 'fun':

Then we turned upstream on the Hudson River along Manhattan's west side. With the sun behind us, the colours improved:

... Past the aircraft carrier museum ship "Intrepid"...

... and finally onto a mooring at the 79th St Boat Basin municipal marina:

We deployed the dingy and checked out the facilities... hmmm... they'll do.  The Hudson in rarely as flat as in the photo above.  The currents run +/-2kn with the tidal flood/ebb.  Add in some wind of 20-30kn, the wakes of passing ships and the nights should be dynamic.  Getting into the dingy and finding the boat 'round about midnight' after a night out in town should also be interesting.  We'll see.