Fixing the Boat at Exotic Solomons, MD

Posted Nov. 7, 2008 at 07:40

We stopped at Calvert Marine, Solomons, MD where they treat BoatUS members to a $1/ft dockage with $5 for electricity...  Best rate of the entire trip so far, including Canada.  This is a good place to do boat repairs, as there is a good boat yard (Zahnisers) that was able to re-rivet our boom vang fitting to our boom within half an hour or so of us coming over from Calvert.   I also had to phone around for a new Lewmar windlass contactor relay as the old one I repaired near Halifax now started coughing again, we should be getting it tomorrow.  There are two large marine supply stores, a "Boater's World" and a "West Marine" close by within biking distance.  So finally, our bikes got a workout, a first since Shelburne, NS, a wet one that is as it started raining again on the way back.

We would have stayed an extra day anyhow as the weather turned to rain as we were arriving and a gale is now blowing outside.  Perfect time to go "shopping".  I finally decided to bite the bullet and bought spare pumps (freshwater, sump/washdown, and macerator) in case the ones now in service fail.  The manager at West Marine was a great help as she remembered that they had a repair kit for our lifeline gate pelican hook that lost its pin - I thought I'll have to buy the whole pelican hook.  They arranged to have the repair kit and a spare freshwater pump waiting for us at the Norfolk store when we get there.

The running joke aboard Dazzle is now like this:   Skipper:  Damn this rain, I have to lie on deck with my head into the anchor locker checking what's wrong with the windlass, and then check what's wrong with the boom...  Look at these nice covered shed boat slips here beside us, wouldn't it be nice to ask to get under one?"  The admiralty: "Yes, but they will probably ask for a lot more money",   Skipper:  "But it would be nice and dry...  oh, we've got a problem... what about our mast?..."

We finally had contact with Wind Whisper as they are now back together and assembling an electronics upgrade package... They are still in Stonington, CT... They reported that the temperatures there are close to zero and are thinking of coming to the Chesapeake area to work on installing the new equipment.  The temperatures are certainly warmer here now (around 60F, 16C), but it could easily get much cooler.

Dora just finished a nice bean stew with smoked pork side, so I must terminate this report in a hurry... yummy...