Perfect Sailing Weather - What a Difference a Day Makes

Posted July 28, 2008 at 06:54

There were lots of boats leaving Cobourg this morning. For about two hours (and probably longer) one boat after another was leaving. We left around 9:30 and there were quite a few boats headed for the Murray Canal and into the Bay of Quinte. Since we've been throgh there in 2005 we decided to cover some distance andavoid the crowds in the Bay of Quinte.

Today was a perfect sailing day, sunny, with 15-20kn of SW wind for our eastward leg from Cobourg to Main Duck Island. We did the 70nm in ten hours thanks to having the wind all day. When it got light, we put up the spinnaker and got to over 8kn in 13kn of wind... So we made it to Main Duck Island by 7pm.

D was fighting seasickness all day due to the following swell coming down the lake with the wind. Fortunately, later in the day as the wind lightened, so did the swell and she started smiling again.

The anchorage at Main Duck is open to the east and swells created by the large ships passing by... But it's relatively quiet tonight, at least wind-wise, and it stops rocking once in a while... -Z-