Stormy Saturday

Posted July 27, 2008 at 09:19

We got through a thunderstorm cell today on our way to Cobourg... There was a warning on weatherradio, but when it finally hit us, it went to 40kn and then within a minute to 50+ knots (maximum observed 54kn). We couldn't keep our course, not even with two reefs in the main, so I had to turn and head close hauled into the wind to manage the wind strength... Our solar panel on the starboard rail got into the water as the wind gust pushed us over, luckily didm't get ripped off.

As (un)luck would have it, just as the thunderstorm was beginning, we closed up to a group of other sailboats, so during the thunderstorm and heavy rain, we had to watch out to avoid collisions. Sailing through 50kn of wind even with reefed sails is challenging, especially when there are thunderstrikes around you. The whole mayhem, the worst of the storm, lasted about 15 mimutes or so.

But all is well that ends well. We had dinnet and a good time at the Oasis restaurant with friends who brought pictures of our departure from Port Credit. What a great end to the day. Z