What a Great Send-Off!

Posted July 26, 2008 at 08:23

We left the dock today and it was difficult for more than one reason.

From picking up last minute items at home and storing a car in the garage, to organizing a sailmaker visit and running to pick up a piece of gear, having the tanks filled while knowing we have to be at the Toronto Harbourfront in an hour was hectic. I felt we left in haste, with quite a few things not done, but hey - things are never "done". We had to leave after being at the dock for three months.

We had last night visits by our closest friends, received beautiful gifts from old and new friends, and even had a departure escort by the sailboat Parlay III of C-dock. They gratiously offered and took videos and pictures of our departure. The best of should make it to this web-site in some time.

Our son Zalan and his friend Kreg sailed with us to the Toronto Harbourfront to pick up some more of their friends for an evening sail promised long ago... It went really well, we all sailed around the Toronto Island before dropping them off at the Harbourfront and finally, as the sun set, headed out to the Lesley's spit cove at the Toronto Island for our first anchorage of the season.

As we dropped our new 150 feet long chain rode, we realized that I must have spliced the wrong end somehow and all the carefully painted length markings are reversed. Oh well, a simple formula: 150ft - marked length = real length, solves that problem until I get the time to re-splice.

The plan is to stay put tomorrow... Z