Done with the Locks - With Company

Posted Aug. 9, 2008 at 10:59

Yesterday Adrian accompanied us down the last two locks between Lac St Luis and the St Lawrence river at Montreal.

Dora's quote:  "Two heads are better than one":

We observed a large Canadian Coast Guard Hovercraft in operation - what a powerful air-blower!  It went down the lock alone - good thing - if we had been in there with it when it had to leave the lock, it would have blown us right out of the water...  The lock operators know what they are doing, so they let the hovercraft go down alone.

We didn't bother wasting diesel to motor up into the old port of Montreal against  a 5-6 knot current - We tied up at the Longueuil marina and took the water-taxi over.  Much faster.

We caught a performance by a "three-rope artist

on the way to the "Le Paris"...:

At the Longueuil marina, the docks are the only reason to tie up - the wifi was broken, the washrooms were to far away, no signs to lead to them, no showers. But there were some interesting boats there, this one was of interest to Adrian, and to our son Tamas, who works with "Django" - in its software form.

In the morning we left around 9:30am to get to Trois-Rivieres downstream to where the tidal influence starts.  We started motoring in drenching rain that fortunately let up in half an hour - and then was on our tails all day all the way to Trois-Rivieres. At times we had a horseshoe of stormclouds around us from the west, but no rain fell on us.  No wind either, so we motored all the way.

We met many sailboats along the way - but all traveling the other way, up-river.  We were the lone downbound boat.  We were starting to worry there's something wrong when we noticed a boat heading in the same direction.  An hour later when when we caught up, they hailed us:  "Dazzle,. this is Wind Whisper"....  What a surprise - this is a boat that was getting ready to do the same trip at the Port Credit Harbour Marina at the same time as us.  So now we finally met with them at Trois Rivieres and will probably continue some parts of the trip together.

"Wind Whisper" near the eastern end of Lac St Pierre...

That's it for tonight, Z