Friends at the Royal St Laurent Yacht Club

Posted Aug. 7, 2008 at 09:17

We spent four very pleasant and nice days with friends, Adrian and Judith at their Royal St Laurent Yacht Club in Dorval, Quebec. They keep their boat, "Imagination", a Chris-Craft there. Adrian helped us tremendously by arranging a dock for our stay at this oldest yacht club in Canada - dating back to the 1880s.

We were also in need of professional help with our refrigeration and engine systems.  Adrian knew of, and which is much harder,  succeeded in convincing a refrigeration expert and a very busy and good mechanic to come to our boat within a day of our arrival...   Our refrigerator has lost a lot of its coolant and was not working efficiently anymore - a recharge fixed that problem. We also had a few engine related leaks (diesel fuel filter and the raw water anti-syphon vent) - the mechanic found solutions for those that I wouldn't have thought of.

Our friends gave us a great tour of Montreal by car - up into Westmount, lookouts over the city and then down to downtown... This was invaluable for us as we don't have the time to linger in Montreal and explore on our own, we must continue our journey east while the summer still lasts.  We also had great dinners together and sampled a very fine restaurant that was packed on a Tuesday night!  Ah, too much to see and too little time - we will have to come back for more some other time.

Here are some pictures from previous days:

Waiting to lock through:

Everyone anxious to get out of the lock... Traffic jam

The best kept secret tying-up place on Lac Saint Louis:  The old Soulanges Canal that is shut down has very good protection, high walls and idyllic scenery

That's it for now... Tomorrow (Thursday) the plan is to go down the last set of locks to Longueuil, spend the night there and then press on for two days to Quebec City...