Wind Whisper's Back for a Day

Posted Aug. 20, 2008 at 10:42

This morning (Aug 19) we woke up and Dora noticed a mast over the breakwater, and wanted to check it out... We went around to the beach with binoculars and voila, it was a familiar sight - Wind Whisper was anchored in the outer basin.  They came in during the night and weren't aware that we were here as well.

We hauled the bikes out and explored the town a bit... At the fish factory there's an outlet store and we stocked up on all sorts of fishy goodies:  salted cod bits, smoked salmon bits, fresh salmon, fresh and frozen shrimp, crab legs, huge sweet scallops, etc...

Cell phones don't work here so for a while I was on a bike sortie hunting for a calling card I could use from the marina phone.  I arranged to have our just finished inner staysail shipped to the Charlottetown Yacht Club, so this means that within the next couple of days we should float ourselves over there.

The highlight of the day was the evening, when Dennis and Katia paddled their dinghy over from the outer basin (their dinghy engine is still not fixed) and brought spicy halibut and sweet potato/beets and a huge pear-shaped watermelon for a delicious dinner we finished at our boat.  And it took us into the wee hours (the time of this post) of the night...  In the morning they are headed to Gaspe from where they'll be catching the train home.  So just a few minutes ago, they paddled back to their boat cloaked in the dark night... we were worried that a fishing boat just coming into the harbour would run them over but they gave them a wide berth - it appears the fishermen here are not surprised by anything they encounter.

-- Z --