Passed the First Three Locks

Posted Aug. 2, 2008 at 03:17

Passed the Iroquois, Eisenhower and Snell locks today. No major hickups if we don't count our first docking at the Pleasure Craft Dock to report in at Iroquois Lock... It was perfect, just touched the dock at zero speed, but it made a bit of a clunk... Hmmm, I wondered why, and the next moment I realized that all fenders were on the lifelines, neatly attached - except we left them on deck instead of throwing them over just before docking.

No damage though whatsoever (can't even see where we touched the wooden dock with our hull). As excuses :-) I can list that: 1) I put the fenders on the lifelines way ahead of time to spare Dora's hand and left them on deck so that we wouldn't drag them on the water (usually Dora places them just before we dock), and 2) They're white, the deck is white, and I was too busy looking over to approach the dock at the right angle and speed... (that helped).

Not too many large ships - one old acqaintance yesterday ("Capt Henry Jackman") that we've seen often on the Great Lakes and a second one today coming out of the lock right beside us while we were waiting to enter the lock. Nothing like the five we enncountered at the same time last year while approaching the St Clair river at Sarnia at 7am after an overnight trip from Tobermory to Windsor... I'm sure it will happen again somewhere ahead just when we least expect it or need it.

The anchorage area around Saint Regis Island just southeast of Cornwall is not too great, even though the "Down East Circle Route" guide mentiones it as an alternative to motoring up against a strong current into Cornwall. Not too much protection and only two places where the bottom is not marked rocky or boulders. We're at the 'muddy' place tonight.

The VHF radio started speaking French most of the time (we're now in the range of the Montreal Coast Guard Radio), lots of native boats zooming all around, and Dora's hand got better. She says she likes the special treatment so she'll fake it for a few more days...

We'll try to get to Montreal tomorrow... Z