Quebec City

Posted Aug. 12, 2008 at 22:37

Our first view of the city under threatening skies

We spent three nights in Quebec City...  Too much to see to much to miss.  The four hundred year festivities are going on (1608-2008) and every night there is a hugh movie projected on the immense mill walls on the east side of the Bassin Louise (where the we and the marina are).  It is also accompanied with quite loud sound effects, but no narration.  It depicts the story of Quebec (New France).

We walked around a lot in the "old town" that is one big tourist attraction - and there are a lot of tourists, any day of the week.  We used our bikes to do some grocery shopping and three days are gone.  All signs are French only - bilingualism is a rest-of-Canada notion only.

Not all French girls are perfect...   Here's one that fits right in, except she doesn't speak any French.

That's it, we're in a rush, high tide is approaching and we must leave by 2:30 today to take advantage of favourable ebb currents.
Wind WIsper was beside us all this time and are planning to leave together to an anchorage  at Idle au Codres.