Down the St Lawrence

Posted Aug. 1, 2008 at 06:49

After three nights in Brakey Bay where two days were spent on various smaller boat jobs, reorganizing the piles of 'stuff' we took, and installing lazy-jacks (to more easily lower our huge main-sail), we finally decided to 'press on' and start our trip down the St Lawrence, past the Thousand Islands.

Brakey Bay was incredibly weedy, virtually all of our anchor chain was wrapped in a thick sock of weeds. It took probably half an hour or more to raise anchor and clean of the weeds as it was collecting below the bow roller. Everyone else at the same bay had the same problem, pulling green monsters out of the water.

We sailed down the Canadian Middle Channel through the Thousand Islands without stopping. It is very much like Georgian Bay, except with a lot more cottages, castles and boats - lots of boats. All the popular anchorages were loaded with boats on moorings, anchoring, or docked at the islands. We were spoiled by the islands of the north shore of Lake Superior and the North Channel of Georgian Bay, so we felt we're not missing much by skipping the Thousand Islands.

Dora seems to have sprained the palm of her right hand, so now she's strictly a single-handed (left) sailor. Tomorrow (Friday), the plan was to get to Cornwall and anchor out (at St Regis), past the American Locks, and then it should be another day to Montreal. Locking down is usually not difficult, so we hope she will be able to handle the line one-handed with a little help.